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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Design thinking Phase 4

In the test phase, you are putting your ideas, quite literally, to the test. In the ideation phase, you are imagining the “what if’s” and now you are selecting your best ideas and testing them.

This phase can often be the messiest, so approaching this phase with the right mindset is important. Quite often our ideas, as amazing as they might be in theory, might not be so amazing in the real world. But this is where the true problem-solving magic of design thinking happens!

When things go wrong what is crucial at this moment is how you respond. Being OK with failure means not-giving up, but reflecting on what is going wrong, making adjustments to the idea, and going back to the data you’ve collected or other ideas you’ve come up with. Being prepared for failure and tolerating uncertainty is exactly where you build resilience, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills!


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