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First consortium meeting sparks the start of the project

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

In the first transnational D-TIPS meeting, the project partners met in Barcelona to clarify the management and the overall activity plans. The first results are planned to be piloted on 2020 May for testing and the final version is ought to be released in 2022.

The consortium consists of five partners from five different countries – Universitat Pompeu Fabra participating through the Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education group from Spain (leading partner), Strategic Design Scenarios from Belgium, Newschool from Norway, Knowledge Economy Forum from Lithuania and Teach the Future from Netherlands. The project also has two associated partners – lab 110 bis from France and Teach for Romania from Romania who support the implementation of the project.

In the meeting the consortium discussed essentials questions for the creation of a toolbox and training material. The intellectual output is aimed to help primary school teachers implement design thinking practices in their classrooms and by doing that, helping their students and themselves practice skills like problem solving, critical thinking, cooperation and many more.

Project ambition is to create The D-TIPS ToolBox. Currently it is seen as an online environment to support the Learning Design of Design Thinking activities for Primary education. The Toolbox will integrate training resources and tools (online and offline) to be applied in specific stages of the Design Thinking process. The environment will also include services (i.e. co-creation functionalities, sharing, creation of groups) to support the exchange of knowledge between the members of the community of teachers/educators.

Besides the ToolBox, the consortium is also planning training sessions and training material for the teachers. The supporting activities consist of teaching symposiums in Romania, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania and a final D-TIPS event in Spain.

Make sure to get updated when new information about the D-TIPS project is released. For additional information about the project and participating organizations visit our about page.


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