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Survey for primary school teachers

We want to make the Design thinking in primary schools (D-TIPS) toolbox truly relevant, practical and inspiring, but we cannot do that without the help of primary school teachers!

By completing this survey and giving us an insight on what teaching methods you use, how design thinking works best for you and what’s your stand on innovative practices, you can help us make the toolbox finely suitable to your needs.

The survey consists of five sets of questions and will take about 7–9 min. to complete. Your answers will give us valuable information needed to create the toolbox and training content. In return, we promise to give you an amazing toolbox that will open new ways of learning and teaching!

The goal of the D-TIPS project is to develop a practical design thinking toolbox for primary school teachers, with the purpose of bringing children into the design process of their own learning. To make this happen we are striving to identify good practices, tools, gaps and needs for design thinking in primary school. Along with the survey, we are also doing desk research and in-depth interviews.

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