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D-TIPS at Maker Faire Barcelona

During the Maker Faire Barcelona event, an additional D-TIPS workshop was organised on July 1st in Barcelona. Maker Faire Barcelona this year was organized for the 6th time. Maker Faire Barcelona 2022 explored and experienced how the Maker Culture plays a significant role in how people learn and how talent is encouraged from formal and informal learning experiences to Learning The Long Life experiences.

During the D-TIPS workshop, the teachers could experience D-TIPS toolbox, working in teams. Participants shared positive feedback about the tools and activities they participated in.

The Maker culture, an open innovation ecosystem today, is rapidly advancing around the world; the increasing availability of low-cost tools and technologies; the global digital distribution; intensive research and a new economic logic that lies at the heart of the Maker culture offer opportunities throughout the person’s life trajectory and promote the preparation of flexible, innovative and resilient citizens in the face of changes, committed and active in creating new, self-sufficient, circular and sustainable production models.


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