Hello! After a short summer break we again start to publish our football predictions.  After the training camps and friendly matches played some of the championships in Europe have already started and we are on the verge of the top competitions in Europe to start 2015/2016 season. This Saturday begin perhaps the most exciting-  English Premier League, but it is expected those in Italy and Spain to be very controversial and very interesting. We'll see if in Germany the hegemony of Bayern willl continuous and also that of PSG of France. The teams have not yet been fully completed, so we'll follow all interesting transfers. Let's wish us a new successful beginning and of course a lot of winnings!


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Last played matches

On 2016-01-13 we bet 10.00 EUR, won 12.49, our profit and loss is +2.49 EUR.
13-Jan-16, 15:440-0Boavista-Porto1st half Goals Over 0.51.610-1 HT1.3Yes
13-Jan-16, 15:070-0Tottenham-Leicester1st half Goals Over 0.5,11.77510-0 HT0No
13-Jan-16, 14:390-0Braga-AroucaGoals Over 0.5,11.772-011.19Yes
13-Jan-16, 13:350-0Braga-Arouca1st half Goals Over 0.5,11.610-0 HT0No
10-Jan-16, 12:260-0Eibar-Espanyol1st half Goals Over 0.5,12.07511-1 HT2.08Yes
10-Jan-16, 11:010-0Sporting Lisbon-Praga1st half Goals Over 12.0510-2 HT2.05Yes
10-Jan-16, 11:000-0Tottenham-Leicester1st half Goals Over 2.211-1 HT2.2Yes
9-Jan-16, 09:060-0Savona-Prato1st half Goals Over 0.5,11.861-0 HT8.4Yes
9-Jan-16, 08:190-0Savona-Prato1st half Goals Over 0.5,12.5510-0 HT0No
DATE - Date and time of bet
SAB (Score at bet) - Result of the match at the moment
HOME - Home
AWAY - Away
TIP - Tip
ODDS - Odds
STAKE - Stake
FT (full time) - Full time
PROFIT - Profit
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