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Design challenges

List of problems to work with:

Bullying, lack of green areas, inefficient waste management in classrooms or on the playground, unhealthy school canteens, low engagement from students, unsafe route to school, lack of connection with school neighbourhood, and vandalism of the school property.

List of design challenges:

How shall we create ways to stimulate student collaboration?

How might we redesign the ideal desk* with students?

*This can be replaced by any object that can be found in your classroom: workbook, information board and so on.

How might we design a playground of the future*?

*You can suggest a later date if it helps, such as 2050 or 2100.

How can we improve the daily class schedule to increase student engagement?

How might we engage students in compelling ways around learning a new subject*?

* you can replace this with a specific subject like Mediaeval History, for example.

How might we reimagine our school’s library for the needs and interests of today’s learners?

How might we create an exciting and effective space for teachers to collaborate?

How might we increase empathy amongst students?

How can we play a connective role in our neighbourhood?

How can we make the school canteen healthier?

Design challenges inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

How can we create a zero-waste classroom?

How can we improve the air quality in our neighbourhood?

How can we create a more equal classroom environment?

How can we make travelling from and to our school safer?

How can we create safer mobility around our neighbourhood?

How can we reduce our energy consumption?

How can we celebrate the different cultures of our school? / How can we strengthen a culturally diverse community?


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