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Fifth consortium meeting: improvements never stop

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Two years after the first consortium meeting in Barcelona, at the beginning of December, all the partners had the chance to meet in person again. It was the face-to-face meeting and fifth overall. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen consortium relationships as well as clarifying the project management plan and overall activity plans.

The two days of the consortium meetings included, amongst other things, introspective reflections on teaching symposiums that took place in Spain and Belgium, carefully analyzing the received feedback and tailoring future symposiums to more accurately fit the needs and answer the requests of primary education teachers everywhere.

Before launching the final version of the project, suggestions were taken into consideration for the official D-Tips website and the IDLE+ platform, coordinating translations to 4 different languages, as well as making the platform and website more accessible and user-friendly.

With the goal of implementing design thinking into primary education from a practical standpoint, the consortium was joined by Victoria Marin, a teacher trainer,senior research fellow at the University of Lleida, for a work session where the partners could explore how the website and IDLE+ platform looks to an educator, getting see her navigate the available tools and to hear her ideas and suggestions for possible improvements, which will help to tailor the design thinking tools for usage not only by current primary school teachers, but the trainers of primary school teachers as well.

The two days of meetings were rounded off with deliberations on the final Multiplier event, which would provide an opportunity for those interested in design thinking to network, share ideas and try out these tools in practice. We are looking forward to sharing more information on this in the future!


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