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Need inspiration? These sources on Design Thinking will give you plenty of ideas!

As we continue our research into how educational stakeholders across the world are using the design thinking process to innovate in education, we want to share with you some of the many articles, research and other inspiring projects we have discovered.


Design Thinking for Educators

Design Thinking for Educators is a widely used, free toolkit developed by global design company, IDEO. This comprehensive and informative toolkit explains in educational terms, the what, why and how of integrating the design thinking process into the classroom. This fantastic resource includes teacher testimonials, printable resources and insightful explanations on the design thinking process.


Designed to Learn

Designed to Learn: Using Design Thinking to Bring Purpose and Passion to the Classroom by Lindsay Portnoy. This recently published book is one of the latest, evidence-based publications on the positive impact of design thinking in the classroom. ‘Cognitive scientist and educator Lindsay Portnoy shares the amazing teaching and learning that take place in design thinking classrooms. To set the stage, she provides easy-to-implement strategies, classroom examples, and clear tools to scaffold the processes of inquiry, discovery, design, and reflection.


What is Design Thinking and Why does it Belong in Classrooms?

This Washington Post article written by Valarie Strauss discusses Linday Portnoy’s book (see above) on why design thinking belongs in the classroom, and how many teachers are already using design thinking processes without even realising it.


Improving Schools with Design Thinking

A brief article by Thomas Riddle on how the design thinking process not only empowers students with complex problem solving skills, but can also be used to empower educational stakeholders to improve schools on a systemic level.


Jump Start

Jump Start is an Australian organisation using design thinking and social entrepreneurship to educate and empower young people to ‘embrace risk, tackle problems and respond with enterprise solutions which create positive futures’. All projects are student-led and learn design thinking skills, tools and processes to help them understand, rethink and tackle wicked problems. Students then apply their newly learned design & business skills to respond with socially and environmentally responsible enterprise solutions.


Design for Change

Design for Change is a global organisation, with partners in over 50 countries. Their mission is to encourage & empower children to create innovative solutions in response to the “Global Goals for Sustainable Development”. Design for Change provides resources for teachers to use in the classroom so that they can equip their students with design thinking tools, skills and processes to create solutions to problems in their communities. To see a truly inspiring example of Design for Change and the “I Can” Mindset in action, watch this video.


Makers Empire

Makers Empire is another Australian organisation using 3D printing technology as a means to integrate design thinking tools, skills and processes into primary school education. Their aim is to empower children to become creators, innovators and problem solvers so they are fully equipped to tackle complex problems in the future.



CreateEdu is an American company whose primary aim is to empower teachers and students with design thinking tools and processes to increase engagement, creativity and reduce workload. CreateEdu uses the design thinking process to solve complex problems in schools, coach teachers and empower students through curriculum design and workshops.


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